Does your resume convey your leadership?

When I consult with clients in leadership roles, one of the omissions I typically see in their resume and LinkedIn profile is that their leadership is not clearly conveyed. Your job search documents and especially, an executive resume, should immediately describe how you lead and the impact on the organization. Below check out some tipsContinue reading “Does your resume convey your leadership?”

92% Client Success Rate for Resume Services in Early 2021

🌟92%🌟 of my early 2021 clients, who chose my resume and LinkedIn profile service, have secured new roles in line with their goals, been promoted, recruited, or selected to graduate programs. These results happen because I care about my clients and take the time to get things right. I listen, delve deep, and understand yourContinue reading “92% Client Success Rate for Resume Services in Early 2021”

2020 Goals

I am so excited for 2020 – to get to work with more amazing clients to help them define their strengths and expertise and find *the right* opportunities and positions that are a great fit. Some of my incredible 2019 clients clinched positions like: 👏 Public Health Director 👏 Faculty positions 👏 Marketing VP 👏Continue reading “2020 Goals”

5 Tips for an Effective Resume Profile

We all know that you need a resume profile or summary section rather than an objective or qualifications section. But how do you write it effectively? Here are some tips that will get you moving in the right (write) direction. Do some reflecting before you start writing. What makes you stand out? You are notContinue reading “5 Tips for an Effective Resume Profile”