LinkedIn Training

There are 700M+ users on LinkedIn and 4/5 of those are decision makers for their businesses. Do you know what the marketing gap is on LinkedIn and how you can take advantage of it? Are you getting the most out of your LinkedIn business page? Do you know how to post and comment to attract and retain clients and customers? Do you want to grow your network without spending hours each week on LinkedIn?

I’ve used LinkedIn to strategically grow my business, identify and attract my ideal clients, and to help those clients boost their own businesses and secure profile views from recruiters for their ideal roles. 

I can help you take your business or personal brand to the next level, using LinkedIn organically (not paid ads.) Schedule a call to talk with me about how you can get huge returns for your time on LinkedIn.

Do you have a membership organization or would you like to provide your salespeople with a LinkedIn 101 training?  

Topics I’ve recently spoken on include:

How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile in 5 Simple Steps

What makes a stand-out LinkedIn Profile? Why do some people get tons of LinkedIn activity and others none? In this webinar attendees will learn how to quickly change their profiles to be found for the positions they’re targeting. Attendees will leave understanding next steps and how to share their unique strengths on LinkedIn in order to attract more attention.

LinkedIn Networking Made Easy

People hate the word “networking” but it’s really just about building relationships. In this webinar, participants will learn how to grow and manage their networks, how to build trusted relationships, and how to leverage LinkedIn when applying for jobs. Attendees leave ready to grow their networks complete with instructions and templates.

Do you want to build your business or personal brand through LinkedIn? Book a free consultation today.