In continuing with my zombie theme of résumé mistakes, I thought I'd share with you today some Dead Zones. These are areas of a résumé that people often feel they still have to fill in, when that's no longer the case. One of these areas is the OBJECTIVE. If you're over 30, I'm sure you remember graduating college or graduate school and putting down your OBJECTIVE. It usually went something like this:

Jane R. Needajob

OBJECTIVE: To get a job and do really well at it, working hard and moving swiftly up the corporate ladder, gaining friends and colleagues along the way.

Even if your OBJECTIVE is much better worded than this one, this area is a DEAD ZONE. No one uses an objective anymore, and it's a clue for hiring managers that your résumé (and you) are out-of-date. Yikes! What to do? You know I have an answer for you...turn that OBJECTIVE into a PROFILE. That's right - while it's important to note for companies what you can do for them, the first spot on your résumé should be for your own personal branding. Let's face it, lots of people have the same job (LeBron James is one of hundreds of professional basketball players, but you wouldn't describe him as just a pro ball player, right?) EXACTLY - no one does it THE SAME WAY you do. You are unique in so many ways and a shiny PROFILE is the best way to immediately market yourself, at the tippy-tip-top of your résumé. Hiring managers spend an average of 5-7 seconds looking at résumés. That's it! Instead of stating why YOU need a job and what YOU want, show them who YOU are and why YOU are the perfect person for THEIR position and organization!

Jane R. Needajob

PROFILE: Responsible and experienced leader and project manager. Team-oriented and able to establish consensus and move groups forward proactively. Analytical and data management skills complement people-focused nature. Clients describe me as motivated, tenacious, and energetic.

This is just a quick example, but you can see how much more dynamic the PROFILE reads as compared to the OBJECTIVE.

Contact me for assistance with creating a stand-out profile that will ensure your résumé gets more than the average 5-7 seconds.

FINAL THOUGHT: Remove the REFERENCES section as well - everyone knows that your references are available upon request - no need to take up valuable space with this section.

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