How to Format your Mid-Career Resume

Why does your resume look mediocre when you’re so awesome? Have you been updating the same resume document since college? If so, you may need a new resume format that helps you to convey your strengths, expertise, and leadership. Let’s fix this. 💪 Why your resume format matters While we would all love to liveContinue reading “How to Format your Mid-Career Resume”

3 Strategies to Take your Resume from Good to Great

Your role makes an impact every day. How can you capture this? Why it’s hard to convey your impact It can be hard to know what’s missing from your resume, especially if you’ve spent many years in the same role. We often miss the impact we’re making every day, in the busy-ness of our lives.Continue reading “3 Strategies to Take your Resume from Good to Great”

Does your resume convey your leadership?

When I consult with clients in leadership roles, one of the omissions I typically see in their resume and LinkedIn profile is that their leadership is not clearly conveyed. Your job search documents and especially, an executive resume, should immediately describe how you lead and the impact on the organization. Below check out some tipsContinue reading “Does your resume convey your leadership?”

Why We Need High EQ Leaders (Emotionally Intelligent Leaders) Now

While most of us have been through a year easily described as hellish – we are now seeing at least some light at the end of the tunnel, gathering together with vaccinated friends and family, and rejoicing in a slow but sure return to our pre-pandemic lives. It feels good, especially as the weather warmsContinue reading “Why We Need High EQ Leaders (Emotionally Intelligent Leaders) Now”

92% Client Success Rate for Resume Services in Early 2021

🌟92%🌟 of my early 2021 clients, who chose my resume and LinkedIn profile service, have secured new roles in line with their goals, been promoted, recruited, or selected to graduate programs. These results happen because I care about my clients and take the time to get things right. I listen, delve deep, and understand yourContinue reading “92% Client Success Rate for Resume Services in Early 2021”

Networking from the Ground Up – Next Steps

Now that you’ve created a network of 50-100 contacts based on the previous article’s advice, or if you have a small network from 3-5 years working or being in school, what’s next? The next step is to think about your goals and how you will get there. We’re not forgetting helping others and I’ll talkContinue reading “Networking from the Ground Up – Next Steps”

Top 3 Ways to Draw Recruiters to your Profile

Today I’m sharing the top 3 ways to draw recruiters to your LinkedIn profile and show up in search results. I learned about these during my #NCOPE course this summer and wanted to pass on this important info. A client who recently updated his profile received a message from LinkedIn that he was now 27xContinue reading “Top 3 Ways to Draw Recruiters to your Profile”


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