I discovered a few years ago that I have a unique ability to write cohesive narratives that show people's value and impact - that my writing skills could be used in an immediate, purposeful way to improve lives. We all have unique skills and experiences that led us to where we are - the key is being able to identify those skills and describe how we employ our strengths to make an impact. I completed a B.A. at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2003 and a MA in Literature at Northwestern University in 2010. I worked in higher education administration for 12+ years and then worked closely with an executive resume writer to build depth and with a larger Chicago resume business to build breadth across industries. I love what I do; my favorite part is returning documents to clients and hearing their "aha!" moments when they see their professional lives through my eyes. I live in Evanston, IL, with my family and enjoy cooking, baking, reading, and knitting, and browsing Italian real estate in my spare time.