“I will position you to secure a high-paying executive role where your leadership and strengths are valued.”

I reduce the time and stress for your job search by providing targeted documents and an effective strategy.

I’m a writer who loves using context – the story of you and how you got here – to create a cohesive narrative that opens the door to opportunity for you. I have a master’s degree in literature from Northwestern University and spent the bulk of my career in higher education administration before building my business. I often work with clients in academia including faculty, HR, marketing, public health, supply chain, and technology management. 30%+ of my clients are executives.

I love understanding my clients’ goals and unique strengths so that I can convey those through the resume, LinkedIn profile, and other job search documents. I thrive on increasing opportunities and confidence, and providing job search strategies that work. I live with my family in the Chicago suburbs where I enjoy cooking, reading, and adventures with our new dog.

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My Approach

I have a highly personalized approach that is based on your strengths and impact. Over the years I’ve honed down my intake, the information I need from you to understand your unique leadership style and convey it across your documents, to six questions. After our initial call and service booking, I send your personalized intake within 24 hours. Clients provide written answers – sometimes one page and sometimes 10 or more! I’m happy to read anything and everything that you want to provide, to help me understand who you are and where you want your life to go. I also ask for one job description – an example of a role you’d like to apply for – so I can appropriately target your documents to similar roles. After the docs are complete, I send an editable Word doc and PDF, and am happy to walk you through the docs and provide edits within a two week timeframe.

Clients often have an “aha!” moment after receiving their new résumé, optimized LinkedIn profile, and cover letter, because the documents are so aligned with their best selves at work. One of my greatest strengths is to convey in writing the qualities that make you unique. I look forward to learning more about you and helping you get to your ideal role.