As someone who leveraged a side gig into a full time role, I appreciated being able to contribute to this article about pursuing your dream job while working full time, with caution.

The main takeaways: Be respectful of your full time employer by getting your job done and set a financial goal for yourself that will mean you can step away from your salaried role.

Here’s a bit more info from the article:

Anna Kate Anderson, and executive resume writer and outplacement services provider, understands the desire to grow a business from scratch.”

It’s exciting when a side gig starts to grow, and you can see it being your full-time employment. I know because that’s exactly how I started my career services business,” says Anderson, who believes that approaching the subject with a supervisor is a good idea — provided that supervisor knows about the side gig and supports it.

You may be able to ask for an adjusted schedule based on completing your work and showing that the side gig is not cutting into your regular, full-time job,” Anderson says. “If you can have an open, honest discussion — and if you can answer whether you will be leaving to support your side-gig full time, without worrying that you’ll lose your job — I say go for it. These kinds of supervisors are rare!

Thank you to Kathleen Furore for the opportunity to contribute to this article.