Even though we have a record number of open positions in the U.S. right now, the job search is still hard. Recruiters and job seekers are overwhelmed, applicants and hiring managers are being ghosted, and frustration is high. How can you, as a job seeker, make the job search process easier on you AND get better, faster results? Read on to learn how I helped a client move on quickly to a role where she is highly valued.

I recently worked with a senior-level client who found a new role very quickly – she secured interviews in 2 weeks and started a new role within 8 weeks, which is fast at a senior level. She was incredibly focused during our strategy sessions and completely filled out the job search spreadsheet I provided. That was really the only difference between her and other clients.

If you’re applying to many roles and not hearing back, the problem likely isn’t you or whether you’re qualified, it’s how you’re applying.

We can’t do ‘spray and pray’ anymore – ie dropping resumes into a black hole and expecting results. There are too many open roles and too many applicants. Have a care for the recruiters sifting through 200+ resumes a day. I know sometimes the process feels broken, but we can do our job to fix it from the applicant side as well.

And I promise, putting more time into fewer applications will yield MUCH better results.

Each time you want to apply for a new role, ask yourself if you’re willing to do the following:

✔️ Tweak the resume according to the job description, to show your qualifications in direct reference to the requirements.  

✔️ Provide a cover letter that is also tweaked for the role (if applicable – if it’s optional, provide it. This includes figuring out who to direct the cover letter to – whoever the role reports to.)

✔️ Create calendar reminders to follow up after your application. One week after applying if you don’t hear back is a good rule of thumb.

✔️ Research the company to find connections in common on LinkedIn. Reach out to those connections to learn more and/or ask for a referral.

When you slow down the job search process and fully engage – seeking to find a role that truly matches your skills and strengths, that is a stretch leadership/strategy-wise but something you know you can crush, your applications will show that. You will put more effort into ensuring your materials will ring the bells for the recruiter and you will be more prepared for the first interview.

Don’t apply everywhere. Apply for roles and at companies where you are really excited to put forth your best effort and then do it.

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