I grew my business by 100% – doubled it – in 2021 over 2020, and by 30% over 2019, which was a great year. 2021 was a huge year for me – and for my clients. How did I do this?

Quality over quantity. Always.

It’s just me here. (And the dog.) I don’t sub-contract my writing and never will. There’s nothing wrong with growing your business with subcontractors, that’s just not my model.

What I prize and enjoy so much in my business is deeply understanding your story, background, strengths and expertise, and creating executive résumés, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, and bios where your uniqueness is immediately apparent. Where recruiters can’t miss how awesome you are, because your special strengths, value, and impact jump off the page.

It’s a jobseeker’s market right now. If you’re unhappy, if you aren’t valued, if you are doing the work of your superiors but not getting credit or opportunities to move up, it’s time to make a move. What’s stopping you?

A client of mine was just offered a C-level role steps from their NYC apartment. Talk about work-life balance!

If you’re mid-career or beyond and seeking a senior or executive role, and you’re having trouble defining and conveying your results and impact, I’d love to talk.
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