Don’t ever, for any reason, list anything, ever, no matter what, where, or who, for any membership organization, or any volunteer
opportunity, that wasn’t paid, in your professional experience section on LinkedIn, for any reason whatsoever.

I’m kind of kidding here (see Michael Scott from The Office above, love him) but, if you have a long list of professional experience, even if you have gaps, don’t fill up space in that section with volunteer positions.

Especially don’t fill that space with membership organizations, which I see a lot, including for executive women.

Why? If you want to be recruited to your next role, your job is to make is as easy as possible for recruiters to see and understand your career experience and to draw the through line for them, on your profile.

It gets really confusing to understand your story if your paid experience is mixed in with your volunteer/professional association
experience. Those are valuable experiences, but likely not what you’re getting hired for.

If you want to share more about those volunteer orgs on LinkedIn, post about them and tag them. Believe me, they would love it.