92%🌟 of my clients, who chose my resume and LinkedIn profile package, secured new roles in line with their goals, were promoted or recruited within 4 months in 2021. These results happen because I care about my clients and take the time to get things right. I listen, delve deep, and understand your leadership style so that I can convey your strengths on your resume and LinkedIn profile to help you gain confidence about your abilities and get hired faster.

What is the most frustrating part of the job search for you? Is it finding great roles to apply for? Tweaking your resume for each job description? Understanding and conveying your strengths and expertise? I love working with clients through my resume service and LinkedIn service to ensure that your job search documents clearly articulate your skills and abilities.

How my services can help you

Working closely with clients, I have a proprietary intake that I’ve honed over the years to 1) get all the information I need to write a compelling resume and LinkedIn profile and 2) take as little time from the client as possible. I personalize each intake for each client – no huge questionnaires here. When you return the intake, 99% of the time I have everything I need, and if I have clarifying questions I follow up immediately. Then, I return the resume and LinkedIn profile within 10 days, and we go over any edits and changes you may have. Typically my clients have ZERO changes because of my expertise in understanding what to highlight to secure the role you want. I love dividing from what I know of you, the intake, jobs you’re interested in, and my understanding of the market and recruiters to create documents that make you shine.

Get in touch

Does this sound like a resume service you can use? Do you need clarity around the job search process? I’d love to talk with you about your goals. Check out my services and set up an appointment to discuss your goals. https://annakateanderson.com/services/

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