Your role makes an impact every day. How can you capture this?

Why it’s hard to convey your impact

It can be hard to know what’s missing from your resume, especially if you’ve spent many years in the same role. We often miss the impact we’re making every day, in the busy-ness of our lives. It helps to talk with someone, to jot down notes each day, and especially to make note of wins.

I often talk with clients who’ve been doing the same job for 15-20 years and don’t have a great picture of their highlights, accomplishments, or wins. They have a good resume, but based on their abilities and expertise, they should have a great resume. Reflection is a key part of leadership. You have to take the time to take a step back and look at what you’ve done in the last week, month, and year. This is the only way to get clear on what you have brought to your organization and will help you immensely in making the decision about what to do next.

Sometimes, though, it’s a matter of what information is conveyed on the resume and how that information is conveyed. You may have great information there, but your language isn’t strong enough to show the level of what you’re capable of, you haven’t quantified anything to set yourself apart, or you’ve listed tasks instead of describing your impact.

What you can do to improve your resume

So how can you take your resume from good to great – to convey the bigger picture of your accomplishments? I’ve compiled some tips in the slideshow below that include:

🌟  Profile over Objective
🌟  Impact over Tasks
🌟  Leadership over Management

Does your resume convey your impact? Do you have a great resume, or just a good resume? If you want to talk about taking your resume from good to great, reach out to book a call with me below.