My first paying client, years ago, was a friend of my mom’s who wanted a resume refresh for a potential promotion at her bank.

I had helped friends and family with resumes and they had been successful, so I said I’d give it a shot, for free.

I asked her a few questions about her accomplishments and her leadership style, brushed up on current resume trends, and returned to her a resume that conveyed her strengths, leadership style, and the results she’d gotten for the bank.

She told me it was a huge confidence-booster – that she had never ‘seen’ herself this way – sent me a $100 gift card, and secured the promotion.

It may seem minor, but what I walked away from that experience with was the understanding that:

✔️ My writing has value.
✔️ I have a special ability to ‘see’ people’s strengths and communicate them in writing.
✔️ This work could significantly benefit others – leading to promotions, raises, and perhaps best of all, an ‘A-ha’ moment where people understand their own awesomeness – giving them the confidence to go after their dreams.

You have these strengths too – and most likely you exhibit them every day, but it may be hard to convey them in writing, whether on your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Building confidence in your strengths is a key part of your career. Whether you’re actively looking for a new role or working to be great at the role you’ve got, confidence in your abilities will help you to communicate your value and move up or move on.

I love helping people identify and understand their strengths. I love boosting people’s confidence by providing career documents – a resume or CV, LinkedIn profile, cover letter or bio that communicates your unique value. I love helping leaders who are stuck, get unstuck and move on to a role of their dreams. Doing this work together is doing the work of building confidence.

If that seems like a service you or a friend could use, I’d love to chat with you and learn more about your story. Use my scheduling tool here or reach out to me at 312-772-3249 or