Should you take that job offer?

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If you’re offered a job that isn’t a perfect fit, should you take it? There’s no way to know 100% what a role will be like before you’re there. And, as the article states, it’s okay to leave a role that isn’t a great fit or especially one where you feel unsafe. But taking a new job is always a risk, and many times there’s a huge reward.

If you’re on the fence about a job offer, here are my reasons NOT to take it (in all seriousness):

🚩 You have a bad gut feeling about it. You MUST trust your gut and we should all listen to our ‘guts’ more often about decisions like these – if you don’t believe me, Google the gut-brain connection. Trust your gut – it’s been honed over millennia of evolution to guide you.

🚩 If your trusted spouse/partner/parent/best friend tells you to think twice. Sometimes we can be blinded by an opportunity – whether it be the salary, perks, or prestige – if someone who knows you very well is worried it’s not a good fit, have an honest conversation with them about why, about your goals and your work style, and take their feedback seriously.

How do you decide to take a job offer? Have you ever turned one down? Why? Do you listen to your gut to make decisions like these?

Check out Andrew Seaman’s article here for additional guidance.

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