Top 3 Ways to Draw Recruiters to your Profile

Today I’m sharing the top 3 ways to draw recruiters to your LinkedIn profile and show up in search results. I learned about these during my #NCOPE course this summer and wanted to pass on this important info.

A client who recently updated his profile received a message from LinkedIn that he was now 27x more likely to be found by recruiter searches – all because he added a skills section.

Take 10-15 minutes to complete these items – you never know what’s out there for you.

1. Your Headline – this is your LinkedIn “title.” If it’s just your current job title, add some descriptors about what you are great at and how you shine at work. Use as many of the 120 character limit as you can. An example is: Project Manager | CRM Expert | Customer Success Leader | Team Builder. DO NOT use “seeking new opportunities” – it’s wasted real estate that could be showcasing your abilities.

2. Your ‘About’ section. Rather than a short paragraph or current job description, use this section to give the reader more info about your unique qualities and how you impact your current organization. Write in first person “I” statements. A good template is: 3-5 sentences about yourself and your unique skills and expertise, why you love what you do, a recent highlights section (use bullets or tasteful emojis), a closing paragraph about what you want to do in the future (be sure to use keywords for the positions you want to be found for.)

3. Your job experience. Make sure that your titles and timeline are correct. Don’t list any experience 20+ years old (nothing pre-2000, unless you’ve been at your current position over 20 years.) Include a short description for each position and highlights/accomplishments. All of these keywords increase your probability of being found in recruiter searches.

More LinkedIn best practice info to come – what would you like to know about? I’m 1 of 4 Illinois resume writers who has passed the National Certification for Online Profile Experts through the National Resume Writers’ Association. Reach out to me if you’d like a review of how your profile can be improved.

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