Recent Client Quickly Lands a New Job!

💙 LOVE 💙 getting these emails from recent clients! Quality writers provide quality results.

“Hi Anna Kate! I just wanted to let you know that the resume has been awesome! It has gotten a much greater response than my previous resume – I got a phone call from one company 15 minutes after I had submitted my first application for the role! I have also gotten numerous positive comments about it during in person interviews. It really has made a big difference.

Actually, I start a new role on Monday that I just accepted early last week! Yea! So thank you again for your help. It really was very effective.” – Brian K.

Are you ready to move on and just need the right documents? Are you having trouble defining your strengths and expertise? Find my client recommendations on LinkedIn, message me there, or reach out to me to set up an appointment to discuss your unique needs and goals.

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