5 Tips for an Effective Resume Profile

We all know that you need a resume profile or summary section rather than an objective or qualifications section. But how do you write it effectively? Here are some tips that will get you moving in the right (write) direction.

  1. Do some reflecting before you start writing. What makes you stand out? You are not the sum total of your position title – how do you achieve success at work? What do you bring to the table? Besides the things that you do, how do your personality traits (who you are) influence the work you do? Hiring managers and recruiters want to see you stand out from the crowd.
  2. During your reflection, pick 2 or 3 job descriptions that interest you and mine them for keywords and phrases – how do the employers themselves word what they’re looking for? Compare and contrast the language and wording to what you have written and meld the two so that you know you’re answering job descriptions accurately (without directly copying.)
  3. Read what you have written. Does it sound like you? Choose your strongest points to highlight in your profile. Then choose back-up points – much like writing an essay, if you say you’re an effective leader, it will be much more believable if you back it up with facts like, “Effective leader who drives team engagement, creates a culture of excellence, and efficiently manages staff.” Save numbers and percentages for your bullet points.
  4. Tell the reader why you’re valued by your current and previous employers. “Able to manage crises with calm.” “Consistently recruited to lead projects to completion and build bridges among staff.” Beyond writing about who you are, tell the reader how you’ve provided value in the past and how you’ll provide value to them. How will you make their jobs easier?
  5. Don’t forget your audience. Hiring managers and recruiters don’t want to read the same thing twice – be succinct.

And with that I’ll end this article! Please reach out to me with questions or suggestions.

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